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office: 907.247.5811
toll-free: 855.247.5811

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Travis Robbins


mobile: (907) 821-1980
office: (907) 247-5811

About Travis

A long time resident of Ketchikan, Travis was born and raised in Alaska. In 2004 he became a licensed Real Estate agent in Madison Wisconsin and gained experience selling and listing commercial and residential properties. Travis has a vast background in real estate growing up with a family of builders. Ketchikan has become home for him over the past decade and he could think of nowhere else he would rather reside. When Travis is not working with buyers and sellers to find their next dream home you can find him with his family enjoying life to its fullest.

Fun Facts:

Other careers:
Has been a police officer since 2005 and prior to that owned and managed 2 restaurants in Wisconsin.

Personal Priorities:
My beautiful wife and two loving children.

Favorite activity:

Favorite Charity:
St Jude Children's Research Hospital

Favorite TV Realtor:
Phil Dunphy - Modern Family: "Can I sit around an empty house and wait for someone? Baby I'm a Realtor. I have a license for that."

Why do you do this:
Because I absolutely love it. Every day is new. Every client is unique.

Travis's Listings: