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Coastal Real Estate Group knows more than just Ketchikan real estate – our real estate agents have chosen to make Ketchikan their home. We support our community by volunteering our time with the following local organizations: Historic Ketchikan, Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce, Ketchikan Visitors Bureau, 1st City Rotary, and Ketchikan Area Arts and Humanities Council. Sharing all that Ketchikan has to offer is a top priority for our team. We believe in this community.

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Ketchikan: A Place We Call Home

Life in Ketchikan

The city of Ketchikan is located in the southernmost point of Alaska, in the most southern tip of the Southeast Alaska Panhandle. It sits approximately 50 miles north of the Canadian border and 700 miles north of Seattle, WA. This location makes it the first port of call for many travelers heading north into the state. This has earned Ketchikan the nicknames, "The First City," or the "Gateway City."

Nestled between the mountains of Revillagigedo Island and the Pacific Ocean, Ketchikan is home to approximately 14,000 people, when you take into consideration the inhabitants of the outlying islands. With no bridge connecting the city to the mainland, the only ways on, or off, the island are by boat or plane. We even have to take a ferry across the channel to get to the Ketchikan International Airport!

Many visitors are surprised to find that Ketchikan is situated in the heart of the Tongass National Rainforest, the largest national, temperate rainforest in the United States, at 17 million acres. Magnificent spruce, cedar, and hemlock trees tower over the town and add to the economy.

Thick salmon runs have sustained the city from the beginning, and are responsible for another of Ketchikan's nicknames: "The Salmon Capital of the World." Fishing continues to remain a vital industry for Ketchikan and draws tourists by the hundreds every summer.

A short walk around historic downtown will take you past authentic totem poles and Creek Street, where some might say the town got started. Creek Street is a unique collection of buildings built out onto pilings that are connected by a boardwalk "street," are most well-known for what used to be houses of ill repute. The remaining character and history of the area still draws tourists by the thousands every year.

What Ketchikan lacks in skyscrapers and crime, it more than makes up for in a closely connected community. We hear familiar voices on NPR and cheer on our co-workers kids during basketball games. We all come out for the Monthly Grind, a once-a-month production put on by talented locals. Our neighbors really are neighborly. Ketchikan is a place that, once visited, remains with you.